Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well this picture is where i took 
when i was on my way to perlis ~
My old home home town ~
hahaha ~ 
Is a sugar cane plantation ~
very very big and i love the view there ~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shooting Model ^^

Well ,
today is my first time shooting model ~
Is a activity by MITOSC ~T-Fair at Exam Hall ~
Thx to TJ for giving me this opportunity ~
Here are some models ,
just a few i can show cuz due to copyright and permission ^^
i showing a few only ~
They all pretty i can say ~

well she is quite cute , make up time , ah woong call me buli her ~ lolz

She is quite sexy ~ And she can dance very sexy ~ One Hot gal act ~

well her pose ~ i like it ~

look easy (简单)but pretty ~

well this gal ~ she good with camera ~ 
the moment i took up camera ~ she jsut staright smile ~ no shy at all ^^

Cutie ^^

guess wat ~ she is a Malay Gal ~ white har ? pretty ? haha ~

Her eye quite big hor ?? haha ~

This is a pretty gal too ^^  i like this pic also 

well she call Amy ~ 

Erm ~ actually i didn show all ~ 
just a few tat i had do some edit ~
Well ~ after shooting this model ~
i think is time to get a FLASH Gun for my "wife"~
lolz~hahaha ~
Hope u all like it ~ readers ~


Sunday, January 31, 2010


但让也有不同的size~(xs,s,m,l,xl,xxl 都有)







或Email (jackchua90@hotmail.com)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Air Asia ~ I also can fly ~

Another late post ~
hahaha ~lolz~
Well ..
Although it is not my fisrt time to sit Air Asia ,
but it is my first time to take photo
in Air Asia with my DSLR ~
That day , i sit plane back to Melaka ...
It is much different and a lot faster compare to bus ...
At first i thought it was just me and Shao Hang sit,
mana tau can meet many ppl at Airport pula ~

one of them is Terry ~ haha ~

I can see the moutain ~ it is lower den me ~ wakaka ~

nice ???

I love this pic ~ Beautiful Blue colour ~ love it ~

8.30am de plane , about 50 min den reach LCCT lo ..
den took bus , 1pm like tat den reach Melaka lo ~
If i sit bus from Alor Star , 8pm oso cannot reach ar ~ lolz~
Thx for reading , readers ~


Sunday, January 24, 2010

LAte Post for New YEar Trip @ Singapore

First of all ~
Paise la to all readers ....
i this few week a bit busy ~
so ... lazy to post somthing on blog ~ hehehhe~
Alright ... here is the photo tat i wanna share with u guys
about trip i went to Singapore at New Year time ~

We went Singapore by bus ffrom Johor Larkin Bus station ~

Went with this few gal ~ i one man ~ hahha ~

i quite like this photo ~

Main point a back side ~ hehe ~

Like QiChongGai de street ~

same face ? hahah ~

Doing silly things there ~ lolz ~

i like the water shooting style ~


See back side ?? my place !!! 我的地盘~hahahah ~

this guy see BEER den cannot tahan dy ~

X'mas combination with building ~

RAndom street pic ~ damn lot ppl at the street ~

Well well ~ am i greedy ? wakakak ~

Quite sweet har ? lolz ~ just pretend oni la ~
later her bf kill me ~

like F4 ?? Female 4 ~ haha ~

Chinatown ~~~ Front of MRT~

This is where we had our dinner ~ not a bad place ~

Chinatown ramdom pic ~

I went to JB for few days and really having fun staying there~
After tat den went back KEdah lo ~

~The End ~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hou Zai & KK 生日

上次是在Wings Cafe ,
这次在 Asian Havana CAfe

Birthday Boy but Not gal ~

Dunno why she say not nice . but i feel pretty ar~

kang 作品~not bad ~


重点来了~Birthday Rox & KK